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I’m using less power. Are you?

March 22, 2008

For about a year now I’ve been paying close attention to my electric bill consumption.  What I find fascinating is my power consumption compared to one year prior.  For many months I’ve actually been using less power than the year before even though I’m continually adding gadgets, lighting, and other electricity consuming products.  How can that be?


For most homes the single largest consumer of electricity is the refrigerator, so I replaced that with a new efficient model.  I also converted every light to compact florescent bulbs.  I got rid of old style CRT computer and television screens in favor of LCD.  I also replaced my window air conditioners (I live in an old building without central air).  All these changes have made a difference I can see. This makes me wonder how all these new technologies impact society as a whole.  We have more electronics, but we have more efficient electronics.   Do the gains in efficiency offset the addition of new gadgets?  Are you using less power too?


I was watching Jack Johnson – If I Had Eyes when I realized:

March 19, 2008

I thought Jack Johnson was still a “cult” band until I found out he had the number one CD in the country. Go Jack – you’re awesome!

Joost thumbnail

If I Had Eyes is taken Jack Johnson’s fouth album Sleep Through The Static and is a lilting, dreamy, summery acoustic rock song from Hawaii’s favourite son.

Staples Recycles!

March 19, 2008

I read today that Staples is recycling electronics which I think is just great.  My previous recycling consisted of dropping off stuff at a local Goodwill, and all too often I had to do it it when they were closed because I knew they wouldn’t take old or non-working electronics.  Here’s what Staples says:

“Staples makes it easy for customers to recycle e–waste by simply bringing their used computers, monitors, laptops, and desktop printers, faxes and all–in–ones to any U.S. Staples store.All brands are accepted, regardless of whether or not the equipment was purchased at Staples. A recycling fee of $10 per piece of large equipment is charged to cover handling, transport, product disassembly and recycling. Smaller computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and speakers are accepted at no charge.Equipment is bagged and sealed when received at the Staples customer service desk. The equipment is then picked up and delivered to our recycling provider Amandi Services, who uses industry–leading standards for data destruction and disassembles the equipment into its component parts for environmentally responsible recycling.”

Note that they do “data destruction” so you don’t necessarily have to (though it’s always a good idea).

I was watching Star Trek: The Original Series – The Tholian Web when I realized:

March 18, 2008

How much more fun the internet has become …

The precedinging was the text suggested by “Joost”. It is pretty neat. More soon. 😉

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Kirk is trapped in interphase, while the Enterprise is trapped by a powerful energy web

To Blog Or Not To Blog

March 10, 2008

I’m admittedly a bit late to the blogging game, because honestly, I didn’t think I had anything interesting to write about.  Quit nodding your head.  It’s only recently I’ve realized that I do have observations about technology and life that someone else might find interesting.  I’m guessing that most of my posts will come in bursts of productivity rather than a steady stream of prose.  But that’s OK, it’s mostly for me anyway.  🙂

McDonald’s WiFi

March 10, 2008


I’m posting this morning from a McDonald’s in Studio City, California.  While ordering my breakfast (“#2” – Egg McMuffin) I asked the cashier “Does this McDonald’s have internet?” which met with a blank stare.  She turned to her manager and rattled off something in spanish after which they both looked at me and shook their heads.  “No Internet here” they told me in unison.  Uh huh. I cranked up my trusty BlackBerry 8320 and sure enough “ATTwifi” showed up so I hauled out the MacBook and logged on.  It’s interesting to note that there are no power outlets in McDonald’s dining rooms making extended surfing difficult if not impossible which is probably exactly what they want

Edit:   I was wrong – there are plugs they’re just hidden in the ceiling!



Yahoo Spam

March 9, 2008

What is it with Yahoo and spam? The overwhelming majorty of spam and spim (instant message spam) I get is through my Yahoo accounts. Why?

Like many geeks I own my name at all the major free mail providers including Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, etc. I don’t actually use any of them on a daily basis because I have my own domain but I keep them for testing. They’re all consolidated into an account that I do check so I do see what goes into them.

I’ve owned all the accounts for more or less the same amount of time and haven’t really used any of the addresses “publicly” so I can only assume that the problem is their filtering just sucks. Given the resources of a company like Yahoo and the fact that their brand was built on their email offering I’m puzzled as to why they haven’t addressed this.

Does anyone know why Yahoo seems to suffer from spam leakage more than other providers?