Yahoo Spam

What is it with Yahoo and spam? The overwhelming majorty of spam and spim (instant message spam) I get is through my Yahoo accounts. Why?

Like many geeks I own my name at all the major free mail providers including Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, etc. I don’t actually use any of them on a daily basis because I have my own domain but I keep them for testing. They’re all consolidated into an account that I do check so I do see what goes into them.

I’ve owned all the accounts for more or less the same amount of time and haven’t really used any of the addresses “publicly” so I can only assume that the problem is their filtering just sucks. Given the resources of a company like Yahoo and the fact that their brand was built on their email offering I’m puzzled as to why they haven’t addressed this.

Does anyone know why Yahoo seems to suffer from spam leakage more than other providers?


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