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Why GoDaddy Sucks (and 1&1 sucks less)

April 1, 2008

I really dislike “GoDaddy“.  Their website is cluttered and tries to sell harder than a drive down the Las Vegas strip.  Their prices are deceptive, as is the domain industry in general, in that they mislead with discounts that don’t recur and charge for services like “private registration” that are free elsewhere.  It seems to me that 1&1 offers the best domain pricing at $6.99 with free “private registration”.  GoDaddy charges more than double at $19 bucks for the same service.  Oh and includes an IMAP account and a “start site” thats sucks but is semi-functional.  It’s just all around a better deal.  GoDaddy vs. 1&1?  Definitely 1&1.