Why GoDaddy Sucks (and 1&1 sucks less)

I really dislike “GoDaddy“.  Their website is cluttered and tries to sell harder than a drive down the Las Vegas strip.  Their prices are deceptive, as is the domain industry in general, in that they mislead with discounts that don’t recur and charge for services like “private registration” that are free elsewhere.  It seems to me that 1&1 offers the best domain pricing at $6.99 with free “private registration”.  GoDaddy charges more than double at $19 bucks for the same service.  Oh and 1and1.com includes an IMAP account and a “start site” thats sucks but is semi-functional.  It’s just all around a better deal.  GoDaddy vs. 1&1?  Definitely 1&1. 


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5 Responses to “Why GoDaddy Sucks (and 1&1 sucks less)”

  1. William Boscovich Says:

    ummm. FYI 1&1.com is not a valid url. Try http://www.1and1.com and you will find the site with $6.99 domains. Also, 1&1 seems to run specials on different domains and different hosting plans. I am glad to see you can get up to 5 free domains with the life of your hosting plan and the free private registration (which you already mentioned.)

    EDITORS NOTE: Thanks for the correction.

  2. Kate Says:

    Brett – I agree 1and1 sucks much less than GoDaddy.

    1&1 offered me very straightforward pricing and tons of features and not too much distraction during checkout. I use 1 and 1 for my site’s hosting for a long time and almost never have any trouble.

    William – Nice catch on the 1&1.com, you are right, that URL doesn’t exist. Thanks for your post about 1and1.com


  3. 1 and 1 sucks Says:

    Wow, I totally disagree with ya on that one. Yes, godaddy sells like a mo fo, but their customer service is 10000000 times better than one and one. One and one shut my sites down with no notice because i was getting “too much traffic” – i’d have gladly paid for dedicated, but they lost that business to godaddy because of their lame practices of just shutting me down without notice. I was down for 12 days. Yeah. they suck.

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