How To Get The Most Out Of Your iPhone on T-Mobile

I really like T-Mobile.  They’ve got competitive pricing, innovative features, and award wining tech support.  They’re not perfect, but for a cell carrier they’re close.  For 2G iPhone users, they’re the best choice.

1)  As of this writing, T-Zones works GREAT on the IPhone 2G (with 2.0 firmware).  It’s not illegal or a violation of T-Mobile policies – it’s perfectly legit.  It’s only $5.99 a month which is almost a $200 a year savings over their standard data plan.  I haven’t noticed it being any slower, in fact maybe even a little faster due to caching on their T-Zones proxy.  You will need the T-Zones “hack” from Installer or Cydia on your unlocked phone but don’t let that scare you… it’s not really a “hack” it just tells your iPhone to use the T-Zones proxy.

2)  You CAN get MMS!  Sort of.  If you have an older phone that doesn’t do MMS then when someone sends you a picture message you’d get a text message to view the pictures on a web site.  The problem is, once you’ve sent an MMS from your phone (ever) it then tells the system your phone is MMS capable so from then on it tries to send them to you.  So, if you’re using a T-Mobile SIM card that was ever used in an MMS capable phone you have to call in into tech support and have them reconfigure their MMS tool to put your account back to “legacy”.  From that point on you’ll get the links again.  How cool?



One Response to “How To Get The Most Out Of Your iPhone on T-Mobile”

  1. AlbertoMichieli Says:

    Good afternoon

    I m trying to make the mms work on my iphone v1 1.1.4

    I use TZones with no problem

    Regarding the mms

    I used to have the sim in a previous phone Nikon now is in the iphone

    I do not understand the text ” from then on it tries to send them to you.”


    How to send mms? using SwirlyMMS?

    How to receive mms?

    Thank you very much

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