Time Warner – I Give Up!

OK Time Warner Cable, I give up.  You beat me.  You scarred my credit report over a stupid cable box that it took you too long to credit me for.  Well done!

All day long people say pretty horrible things to Time Warner on Twitter, some shockingly so, and their PR team patiently responds to each with “How can I help”?  Yesterday I wrote to what I think is their top guy @AlexTWC or “Alex Dudley”.  In my email, I wrote I was frustrated after being called by their “corporate weasels” who don’t get it and said “I don’t understand you people”.  Amazingly, that set him off and he wrote me back that I shouldn’t ask someone to go “the extra mile” and then insult them.  First, I don’t think calling someone in another department a “corporate weasel” or saying “you people” is really an insult, especially compared to the other Tweets I’ve read.  More importantly, I don’t think asking him to do his job is asking him to “go that extra mile”.  I’m assuming they pay him to do this kinda work?

Unfortunately there’s only so much you can do to try to get someone thousands of miles away in a corporate office tower to understand.  PR doesn’t pay well, and I sure wouldn’t want his job dealing with pissed off customers and other corporate gaffs, so I guess I can feel sorry for him.   I give up, at least trying to solve this through them.  I will pursue it with the collections company and the credit agency, and because I’m pretty sure they can’t produce signed documents to validate this “debt” I’ll probably get it erased.  If not, I’ll wait it out, but I certainly won’t pay it as it’s really a very minor ding on an otherwise perfect credit report anyway.

I hope someone in the corporate world, especially the cable space, reads this and shakes their head at how a customer relationship can go so wrong.  Every screw up, if handled correctly, is an opportunity to build an even stronger relationship.  Had they handled this differently, I’d be their customer today, and with enough people like me, maybe those quarterly numbers wouldn’t be as bad as they are now.  Let’s hope they wake up.


One Response to “Time Warner – I Give Up!”

  1. cupcakeismycrack Says:

    you’re not alone :p http://twitter.com/TWCsucks

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