Obama Vs. McCain – The Campaign Says it all

If you want to know who would be the best person to run the country just look at how candidates have run their campaigns.  The Obama campaign has been stunningly successful by any measure.  His use of technology is unprecedented.  His fund raising is unprecedented.  He’s not only said he’s different, but he’s demonstrated it in everything he does.

Obama made technology an integral part of his campaign.  MySpace, YouTube, e-mail, he even announced his running mate via Twitter.  He clearly GETS it.  Does anyone disagree that what we need a leader who understands and knows how to leverage technology vs. a man who by his own admission doesn’t know how to use a computer?

McCain took Federal campaign funding of about $85 million dollars because that’s how it’s always been done.  Obama said no to tax payer funding and on his own raised $600 MILLION dollars.  The Obama campaign was smart enough to realize that the way it’s always been done is not what works today.  The McCain people were left scratching their head.

Finally, McCain has run a traditional campaign of repeating the same tired points over and over again, like canidates have always done, because the traditional thinking is that’s how you get your message through.  He says “Obama wants to raise your taxes” and “Obama wants to redistribute wealth” even though Obama has made it very clear in plain talk that this is not the case.  He’s also repeatedly sunk to negative attacks while Obama has taken the high road at every opportunity.  McCain has come across as a frustrated, bitter old man and Obama has looked like a gentleman.

I’m really impressed with the campaign that Obama has run.  He’s a class act, it’s been honest, open, and engaging.  I’ve never seen politics like this before and I love it.  He’s not only talked about change, he’s demonstrated change in the way he runs his campaign.

I’ve voted by mail, and I’m genuinely excited about what our country can do with a smart, young, ambitious leader that the whole world respects for the first time in my lifetime.


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